While learning film photography, I found out about the infrared film photography of Sir Simon Marsden. I was so taken by this man’s remarkable work that I emailed his website and asked about infrared film. This began an email friendship between us which remained fairly active until Simon’s death in 2012. I still consider him a great influence and mentor.

Infrared film is similar to yet vastly different from digital infrared photography. My favorite infrared film is Kodak’s HIE-135, which was discontinued in 2008. It has a unique range of sensitivity up to 900nm, and has no anti-halide backing, so it is wonderful for creating a very etheric mood, not only in rendering reflected infrared light, but by having the ability to capture the lovely halo effect on strongly contrasted high-key subjects. Digital infrared is limited to the sensitivity of the sensor and any filter used, and the only way to approach an halo effect is via Photoshop.  I am shooting some digital infrared, mainly as an alternative to using up my stock of HIE-135 kept in deep freeze for special locations.

The body of work I have created using this film is my main artistic output. 


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